The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

After finding myself the opposite of employed it’s been a summer of re-aquainting myself with my family, catching up on some sleep, enjoying the sunshine and searching for my new career. I have met some amazing people and businesses. People who are passionate about what they do for both their clients and candidates. Shock, horror I even met some great rec 2 recs! Inevitably some experiences were better than others so I’ve mixed my experiences together to create a Good, Bad and Ugly to sum it all up!

The Good
This is easy. Firstly they met me.  This may sound basic but its frightening how many people don’t get this fundamental right; it’s no surprise that they then put more relevant opportunities in front of me. Secondly they kept in regular contact – being a job seeker made me realise how we in recruitment dont communicate enough. Our weeks go so quickly that we forget that for those seeking a new challenge a week can be a long time not to hear back – even if it’s just a catch up call to say ‘no news’ – it’s much appreciated. One in particular really went the extra mile. She was honest with me when she thought things were unsuitable; she was constantly positive , made me feel good about myself and gave good constructive advice about other opportunities even if they weren’t through her. She didn’t place me but I’ve no doubt that she will indirectly make money from the time she has spent on me.

The bad
I’d probably sum these up as the ‘can I bash this guy into one of my jobs?’ brigade. If the answer was ‘no’ they didn’t want to know. If the answer was ‘yes’ they incessantly tried to shoe horn you into it with no regard for what you wanted and the brief you gave them. Typically their ‘market knowledge’ is based on the few clients they deal with and is not reflective of the market as a whole. One memorable one tried to hook me up with an ‘entrepreneur’ who wanted to start a hospitality recruitment business. When I googled him he’d bankrupted a succession of companies and was being pursued by workers all over the world for non payment of wages and various flouting of employment law! Just what I needed!
The ugly.
No response at all. Zero. I don’t claim to be suitable for every job but surely a response back is not too much to ask? The strange thing on this is that the big recruitment brands are the worst for this – ‘why?’ I ask myself? I know they have the technology to communicate generic messages to multiple candidates with the touch of a button so why can’t they manage this simplest of tasks? One business (one of the top 3 in the world by revenue) finally sent me a message this week 2 months after my application for an immediate start interim vacancy – there was no mention of that job they were just asking ‘did I want to remain on their database’ ? Errr no!

So what’s the point of this article. It’s certainly not to name and shame hence why I haven’t. Or to try and claim that as a recruiter I haven’t sometimes been bad and very occasionally ugly. It’s meant more as a reminder to everyone recruiting out there that every candidate is worth speaking to.  Whether you place them or not they have a value. They can refer other candidates, they may become clients, who knows. But one thing they will definitely do is speak about your brand. So surely it’s worth making sure that message is a positive one?