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  • I honestly love working for this company. They look after all there staff with the upmost respect and care. They try there absolute best to get you as many jobs as you want. It's such a relaxed and smooth running company and there staff are absolutely amazing. Plus they always pay on time. I honestly highly recommend appetite 4 work. You won't be disappointed. Haloo Aziz

  • Appetite for work is an amazing company to work with, you are given the opportunity to work at different events around London, meet new people and experience different levels of hospitality. The staff are very supportive and are willing to go the extra mile to make sure you are comfortable and ensure you are treated right in your work environment. Simply amazing Iishia Dennis

  • Couldnt be happier with everything, I have been in the industry for many years now and seen the good the bad and the very bad, but these guys are spot on - many thanks. Tony Furnivalis

  • So far my work with Appetite and Rosie in particular has been very satisfying. I've had shifts at different places which gave me the opportunity to meet lots of people and broaden my horizons. The communication is great and I'm happy with the company. Cheers! Chichi Cheshli

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