How will I be informed of available shifts?

Once we have signed you up you will become an Appetite4work team member, we will contact you with various jobs at several different locations. There will be a wealth of choice of venues and dates. You will just confirm shifts with us via email and we will get you booked on straight away.

How do I get lots of work?

Once we have an idea of how well you work we will get you on to as many shift as we can.  We want to help you work as much as possible so be positive and work well and you will be our priority for shifts. We also have opportunities to become team leaders if you really shine in a particular role, clients will feedback to us your progress.

What happens if I want to cancel a shift I have been booked for?

We expect all our staff to give us at least 24 hours’ notice before cancelling a shift. This allows us time to fill your position. Its best to let us know sooner rather than later.

Do I get transportation from a shift if I finish late?

Generally, we do not provide transport – we will always inform you of the approximate end of the shift and also whether there is any travel available.

Do I get paid extra on bank holidays?

It all depends on our clients and what type of event it is, but feel free to ask and we will investigate.

How do I get paid?

After each shift we will require authorisation of the hours you have worked from the client.  Generally, you will be required to take a timesheet, get it signed by the client and send back to us by midday Monday.  For shifts where we have lots of Appetite people working the client will send us the confirmation for your hours.

When do I get paid?

Any work completed Monday to Sunday is paid the following Friday. Provided we receive the confirmed hours by 12 on a Monday.

Who do I send my time sheet to?

Who signs my timesheet?

Your timesheet must be signed by a senior manager at the client where you are working. Make sure you take a photo on your phone just in case you lose it at some point.

Is uniform provided?

Uniform can vary event to event but generally we ask our staff to provide smart black trousers, shoes and long sleeved shirt. Also, a white long sleeved shirt is handy to have. If the uniform is more specific we will give you plenty of notice and sometime clients provide their own uniform.

Can I work with my friends?

We always encourage groups of sensible friends to apply together and we try an allocate people accordingly depending on experience.

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